The Vanity Project

I love a play on words and calling this project the “The Vanity Project”  was too good to pass up. If you google “vanity project definition” you’ll find the following takes:

  • “creative works that are ostensibly showcases for someone’s talents …but fail miserably to achieve their goal” [TV Tropes]
  • “Something to be done out of vanity, to show that they could do it.” [Pro-Z]
  •  “a project, or event, or lifestyle choice, undertaken to make ourselves happen, or fulfill certain (emotional) needs.” [Huff Post]
  • “projects that are inspired by the ego of its creator” [WhatCulture]

If you read my last post, you’ll begin to see that my current project is not merely a project to rehab my actual bathroom vanity, but also my attempt to showcase my talent, show I can do it and to fulfill an emotional need. I’m getting back to this 1Thing/1Week endeavor after a couple of crazy months and I’ve returned with a creative work to ostensibly showcase my talents… and as per usual, I predict I will fail miserably to achieve my goal. Here’s to hoping this post will become a top result the next time someone googles “vanity project definition”!

This particular vanity, vanity project will take me a few weeks, so stay tuned for multiple posts throughout the month of January.

The Challenge

To repair and paint a significantly dilapidated bathroom vanity. See the embarrassing evidence below:






My Inspiration:

I seriously can’t stand looking at this thing anymore. It’s in our only full bathroom so every overnight guest we have has to see it and we have a small upstairs so even if you’re just walking within 10 feet of it you can’t help but see how nasty it looks. Every week a new paint chip falls off and every time you open or close it with a semi-wet hand, a chalky white water mark is left that is hard to clean.

What I (think) I Need: 

Here’s what I’ve bought so far. I imagine this list will grow the further I get into the project and realize how naive I was about how hard it was to accomplish it.

  • Sandpaper
  • Primer
  • Paint
  • Special paint rollers for painting cabinets
  • New handles for every drawer and cabinet (to prevent water spots!)

Who is Helping Me: 

I’m sure My Handy Husband (MHH) will be forced to help me when it seems like I am getting close to “failing miserably” and I know I will be calling My Handy Father (MHF) at least once for advice.

Who is NOT Helping Me: 

So I have 2 kids now and the newest one is crawling and starting to get into stuff. The older one is 3 and is a professional at getting into stuff AND hiding stuff, so I’m guessing this project will be done during nap times and when Daddy is home to wrangle them.

How I’m Going To Do It:

This week I am going to remove the drawers, remove the drawer and cabinet faces, and sand them. Next week I will prime, the following week I will paint and attach the hardware…hopefully…

Stay tuned!!!



One comment

  1. This is so exciting – can’t wait to see your progress!

    Also, when making vanity references in future posts, don’t forget about that great Grayslake band of the early 2000s… Vanity Colors! LOLOLOLOL


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