The Vanity Project – Week 2

This week I sanded the drawers and the vanity itself. It was so naive of me to think I could do all of the sanding BY HAND with sandpaper. Thankfully, MHH had a orbital sander that I could use instead. Even with the powerful sander, it took a LOT of effort to get the old paint off! As you can see in my photos below, I did not *perfectly* sand everything.. I just sanded it “well enough”… and you know what they say: “Leave well enough alone!”

The biggest shock this week was the sheer amount of dust I created. It was truly insane. My entire basement was covered in a thick layer of brown dust after I finished sanding the drawers. When it came time to sand the vanity, I created a tent out of a plastic drop cloth and duct tape to keep from covering every inch of my bathroom in dust. My little tent worked ok, but I easily spent over an hour cleaning up the dust that resulted. It was everywhere!

Here’s my progress thus far. Now onto priming!


The spots where you see remaining brown paint are places the orbital sander could not sand, due to its size. I’m going to attempt sanding these places by hand, but I also may just layer up the primer in those areas and truly leave well enough alone.


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