Elmo + Cookie Monster Cake

The Challenge: To make a Sesame Street themed cake for my niece’s 2nd birthday party.

My Inspiration: I googled “Elmo and Cookie Monster cake” and tried to mimic the most popular design I had found. I’m not sure whom I should credit for this design because I’ve seen so many different versions of it.Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 6.28.57 PM.png

What I Need: See my video below for an exhaustive list of everything I used. I used the frosting recipes from these blogs:

http://www.twosisterscrafting.com/best-cookie-dough-frosting/ (10/10 would recommend!)


I used Pillsbury Gluten Free Cake Mix because ain’t nobody got time to make a cake from scratch. I also bought pre-made fondant because I didn’t want to make it.

Who is Helping Me:  As I have stated ad nauseum, I am pregnant and I happen to be very close to delivery. In fact, my doctor warned me that it could happen very suddenly and at any time so she recommended I take it easier if I want to get to 40 weeks. Therefore, I have to give a huge shout out to the bar stool I found in my basement that I sat on instead of standing.

Thanks to my husband’s wine cabinet project we have a lot of extra wood lying around. And now that I’m an expert woodworker, I made myself a wooden box that I could wrap with Saran Wrap and protect the cake:


Who is NOT Helping Me:  Black food coloring gel. I made the mistake of googling “how to make red frosting darker” instead of “how to make red frosting brighter” and got the unfortunate advice to add black food coloring to my red frosting. Instead of getting a dark red, I got an instantly disgusting black/red/brown/purple color that looked something like this:

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 6.38.58 PM

This error required me to make extra frosting to try to “dilute” (I know this is the wrong word, but what would be the right word?) the nasty colored frosting so that I could add more red food coloring and try to achieve a color somewhat close to Elmo’s fur. I easily burned through 3lbs of powdered sugar and a 1.25 lbs of butter trying to make up for this mistake.

PLEASE TAKE NOTE: FOOD COLORING LIQUID IS NOT THE SAME AS FOOD COLORING GEL! When you are using food coloring gel, it’s extremely potent. Even the tiniest amount can destroy an entire batch of frosting. BE CAREFUL! Also, don’t add black to red… ever. As you can see below, Elmo’s fur is a darker shade of red than normal.

How I Did It:

I made another video:

Final Thoughts/Would I Do it Again?”: Yes! All in all, I think the cake came out great and my niece loved it. It was a great compliment to her perfectly executed Sesame Street birthday party that her parents threw for her.

My family did make fun of me for botching Elmo’s fur, but I make fun of them incessantly so I deserve a little teasing now and then. 🙂

Here’s some pics:




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