Why We Love Deb: Mother’s Day 2018

This week I worked on a collaborative video about how much our family loves Deb. Deb is my amazing mother who has received every type of sentimental Mother’s Day gift under the sun, except a video.

The concept is simple. We video-d all of us “kids” saying what we love about Deb and I then I strung our responses together into a short video. Now that our kids are older, my sister and I enlisted their help in saying what they love about Deb and their responses melted our hearts.

We played this video for Deb (yes, I call my mom by her first name sometimes..) and she loved it!

I’ve been making videos for a long time and I think I’m finally getting better at it. I’d love to learn more and get fancier software someday and take things up a notch. My new Nikon D3400 camera takes amazing video so I think all the credit goes to the camera for the video’s quality.

Here’s the video.

Happy Mother’s Day, Deb! We love you with all our hearts.


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