Beletti Prosecco

If you’re a bargain shopper like me, you’ve noticed that right when you walk in the door, you’ve seen that the discount supermarket chain Aldi carries kind of a lot of wine. Last year, Aldi carried a Cotes de Provence Rosé that was named one of the best wines in the world and unless you were a lucky rando that happened to pick it up before it made national news, it was never available. After making several unsuccessful trips to various Aldi’s to find this world renowned Rosé, I committed myself to regularly sampling other Aldi wines in order to find my own prize winning cheap wine that I could brag about. I figured the wine buyers at Aldi must have some decent palates if they found this allegedly “amazing” Rosé at such an affordable price. So, I’ve tried a good mix of Aldi-only wines over the last year and I am ready to report on my initial findings.

In this quest for a “hidden gem”, I found Beletti Prosecco. Is it my diamond? My gem? My subject of humble bragging?

No… but it’s pretty decent!

I am a HUGE sparkling wine fan. Sparkling wine combines two of my favorite things: wine and bubbles. I love any and all carbonated beverages. Whether it’s Diet Pepsi, La Croix, Tonic Water, Energy Drinks or Kombucha, I’m a sucker for anything fizzy. So naturally, since I’m also an oenophile, sparkling wine or legit French champagne is my jam. I’m always on a quest to find delicious and cheap DRY sparkling wine. I really do NOT like any sweet sparkling wines as they make me feel like I’m a little kid drinking sparkling grape juice at the kiddie table.

So.. a few months ago when I deposited my quarter in my Aldi cart and perused the Aldi wine section, my eyes were instantly drawn to the sparkling wines and I happened to land on Beletti.

Here’s my review:


This wine also has a label on it that says it was rated “90 points” by the “Beverage Tasting Institute”. Not exactly Wine Enthusiast or Wine Spectator, but it’s something.

Can I name myself the “Cheap Beverage Tasting Institute”? I think I will.

Therefore, the 1Thing/1Week “Cheap Beverage Tasting Institute” bestows the honor of awarding 88 points to Belleti Prosecco and also a Bronze medal for Excellence in Fancy Labelling.

This is a decent wine for a great price. You’re probably going to mix it with some orange juice or incorporate it into a cocktail. If you want to sip it on its own, you’ll find that it’s not too dry, not insanely acidic and not very sweet. You’re going to get a lot of pear, apple and pineapple notes as well.

Sharing + Pairing

If you want to feel a bit more classy than plunking down a bottle of Cooks, I would definitely bring this wine for Mimosas at a brunch gathering. It would also be great in a French 75 or a Bellini.

I’d pair it with breakfast foods, shellfish or grilled chicken.






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