Dreaming Tree Cabernet

Disclaimer: THIS IS NOT AN #AD! As much as I would LOVE winemakers to pay me to review their wines, I am not currently drawing enough readership (shout out to my loyal 10-20 readers!) to even entertain such a bargain. Below is my unfiltered, unadulterated opinion. 

Can someone be a half-hearted Dave Matthews Band fan?

I feel like you’re either a die hard fan or a super hater and there is no in between. I’ve met both types and I think I am neither a super fan nor a super hater. Of all of their albums, I really like the less quintessential one – Everyday (2001) – and I am kinda “meh” about Before These Crowded Streets (1998). This may sound like sacrilege to the die hards, but I don’t care! Everyday is a little grittier and a lot shorter and less jam band-ier.. and I like it that way! This opinion may also define me as a quintessential Millennial, but I don’t care!

With regard to what we’re discussing today, I have a very similar opinion to Dave Matthews wine as I do his music…

I *sorta* like it..

It’s not for me, but I can fully acknowledge that it may be someone else’s absolute favorite and I can respect that.

Here’s the back story….

Dreaming Tree Wines is a collaboration between the South African musician Dave Matthews and California winemakers Steve Reeder and Sean McKenzie.  Dave and his winemaking cohorts wanted to make wines that would be perpetually ready to drink and not intended for cellaring. Therefore, their wines are readily and widely available in many different retail locations across the US and it’s priced accordingly.

Here’s what I thought…



Sharing + Pairing

Overall, like I said before, it’s not bad but it’s not mind-blowing. It’s a safe wine to bring to a friends house if you don’t know their palate because it’s got a little sweetness to it.  It’s also a good wine to bring to a friends house who happens to really like Dave Matthews. I don’t think you would be embarrassed when you plop this on the table and if haters gonna hate, you can invoke the phrase “Well, it’s good enough for Dave Matthews, you snobs!”

A lot of fellow reviewers rave about how smooth it is, but I didn’t get that during my taste. Perhaps if it was decanted and opened up a bit more, it would smooth out.

I’d pair it with lighter meats or pasta as I don’t think it has the chops to stand up to a robust, flavorful steak or peppery cured meats.



  1. 1) I am very impressed with your wine knowledge! 2) That info-graphic (which I am assuming you designed yourself) is on-point. Love it!!


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