What’s Next?

Hey There,

I want to keep you informed of my next few “Things” so you’ll hopefully continue to check-in here.. and so I have some impetus to actually do these “Things”.

Up Next: Re-upholstering my dining room chairs!


Also Up-Next: Weekly Cheap Wine Reviews. It’s been well documented here that I’m a complete cheapskate and anyone who knows me knows that I love wine, so I’m combining my two interests and doing reviews of only wines that are less than $15 and can be found at any major retailer.


On My Radar:

  • Floral Hoop Wreath 
  • Worship Leading Demo Video
  • Designing our NEW basement bathroom
  • Tile Cleaning Revisited (1 year later..)
  • Car Detailing – how DO they do it?

Is there anything else you’d like to see me do? Comment below!



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