Prime Time

So why haven’t I posted until now? Wasn’t this project supposed to take 4 weeks and it has almost been 4 weeks since my last post? SO MANY JUSTIFIABLE (and lots of NON-JUSTIFIABLE) reasons! But I’ve primed and sanded the primer. It’s time to paint this week!

In all seriousness, priming took a while because I couldn’t prime all the surfaces of the drawers at at once and I had to let each side dry in between. Also, I had to hand-sand the primer on the drawers and the vanity to make the surfaces perfectly smooth. This, along with every member of my family getting influenza and trying to “have it all”, took me a few weeks to get done.


Below you will see some serious laziness. I didn’t take the drawer inner hardware off and I plan on just painting around it. Future owners of the home will have to get over it. I know as soon as I take that hardware out, I will never get it back in perfectly and the drawers would be wonky. Ya gotta do what ya gotta do..Primesmall

In all seriousness, I think white wouldn’t have looked too bad for the vanity’s color, right? I’m not painting it white though. Bummer.


I PROMISE that I am painting THIS WEEKEND so the next post shouldn’t take another 3 weeks.*

*I actually cannot promise this.


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