Coming Back January 1st!

Hey loyal reader(s),

You’ve probably noticed there has been a severe lack of posts lately. Without going into too much detail, I needed a little time to not be doing projects. I was very naively confident in my Going Deep post where I proclaimed I was strong enough to “have it all!” Well, I wasn’t strong enough and the blog was the first thing to go. However, *hopefully* this week I will celebrate finishing my pumping journey and I’m going to have a LOT more time on my hands. Between both babies, I will have pumped well over 21,000 oz or ~165 gallons of milk and towards the end of this second round, my body finally said “enough!” So, I’m listening to my body, swallowing my pride and throwing in the towel. For all you breast feeding enthusiasts, mom-guilt inducers or American Academy of Pediatrics or World Health Organization officials, please be comforted to know that my son was exclusively breast fed for 8 months and because I am a veritable dairy cow, he will get frozen breast milk until his first birthday.


I found this pic of a lady standing next to a 165 gallon tank and saved it so I can use it to guilt my kids into behaving later in life.


After the holidays, 1Thing1Week is coming back strong! My first project is going to take the month of January so I’ll be using each week to document it. I’m redoing the aging, chipping, unattractive vanity in our bathroom.

So stay tuned!

Think of me when you buy your next 165 gallons of milk and try not to gag,

Lindsay aka “Ol Bessie”

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