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In my last post, I lamented that I was not taking enough pictures to sufficiently document the things I’ve done. Because of this, I want to do a mini-post to share three other things I worked on this month that were in the spirit of 1Thing/1Week, but I failed to photo-document my process properly.

Wine + Cheese Party

While the toddlers are away, the adults will play!

My parents took my son and my niece for the afternoon so my husband, my sister, my brother-in-law and I took the opportunity to have a wine and cheese party. We still had our little babies, but they are much easier to manage by themselves!

I took the lead on organizing the wine while my sister organized all the cheese and charcuterie. Because I am a huge nerd, I planned a blind taste test and made a corresponding worksheet for us to fill out and to guide our discussion. I made a little game out of it by giving out awards to:

  • whoever* had the most accurate tasting notes compared to the tasting notes provided by the winemaker
  • whoever had the most creative tasting notes
  • whoever named the correct grapes
  • whoever could correctly identify the cheap wines v. the more expensive wines

*I fully realize it may be “whomever” but I have no clue.

It turns out we were all much better at identifying the grapes and the cheap wines than I had thought and we all stunk at identifying tasting notes. I ended up splitting the prizes amongst us regardless.

I was actually able to be truly blind in my tastings as well by developing a complicated system involving solo cups and my husband. It’s a long story.

Here’s my worksheet. Feel free to use it if you’re having a blind wine tasting.Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 9.24.43 PM.png


These were literally the only photos I took, so you could see why I wasn’t really able to photo-document the process from start to finish.


Baby’s first wine + cheese party


I definitely would do this party again.. and again.. and again.

Baby Dedication Gift

My niece and nephew were “dedicated” this past weekend. A child dedication service is when parents publicly declare in front of God, their friends and family and their congregation their commitment to raise their child in the ways of the Lord. My sister and brother-in-law’s church asks that the parents declare a “sponsor” that will walk alongside the parents to help support the spiritual development of the child. My sister and BIL chose my husband and me to be the sponsors for my nephew and niece, respectively. Aside from accepting the incredible blessing and responsibility of being their sponsor, we also had to read their life verse aloud to the congregation during the ceremony. I wanted to commemorate this meaningful day and their specially chosen verses. Here’s what I made:


Eleanor Dedication2.jpg

Okay, okay.. I know the images are not mind-blowing or even that creative honestly, but it is something. I will give myself credit for trying and for making something that isn’t terrible. I wanted them to look like prayer cards, not Van Gogh, okay? I know I am a photoshop ingenue!

Father’s Day Poem

I also bought a frame for my husband that had 2 pictures of our sons and a special poem I wrote for him. He knows I LOVE writing cheesy rhyming poems. I have written him several in our time together. #nerdalert


So, I hope this proves that even though my posts have been a bit more infrequent lately. I have not been sitting around eating bon-bons. The truth is, I have grown so much from doing this blog that incorporating creative, crafty, clever projects into my life is seeming less and less like a major “thing” and it’s becoming more normal. When I was faced with planning a party or making gifts, it was never even a question if I’d do something creative and outside of the box.. I just did it.. and I happened to forget to document it well enough so I could get more validation from seeing how many views I could get on my blog. 😉




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