Owen David

The Challenge: To deliver a healthy baby

My Inspiration: I’ve already had one son and he inspired me to have a second one.

What I Need: 

  • A hospital with a delivery room prepared for induction
  • Nurses who won’t treat me like I’m a nurse and should know how delivering a baby works. (Even though I am indeed a nurse, I have no clue how delivering a baby works.)
  • OB/GYN
  • Supportive husband (He is also the baby’s father)
  • Babysitter for Son #1
  • An Epidural (so I guess I need an Anesthesia MD as well..)
  • Ice Water
  • Lots of stuff for baby, myself and Dad for our overnight stay
  • Family members ready to come whenever we call

Who is Helping Me: See above participants.

Who is NOT Helping Me:  I suppose the baby didn’t help very much because I made it to my due date and needed to be induced.

How I Did It: I’ll spare you all the gory details and just tell you that everything went really well and he’s a healthy, happy baby. I made a little video to announce his arrival.

Final Thoughts/Would I Do It Again?:  Of course! More to come in the next few weeks as I get back on my feet and start the 1 Thing / 1 Week Challenges again!


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