Wooden Arrow Wall Decor

The Challenge: To make wooden arrow wall decor for my master bedroom.

My Inspiration: I saw this How-To on Pinterest @ CherishedBliss.com. She made her arrows for nursery decor, but I thought it might be nice for a blank wall space in my master bedroom.

I have neglected to decorate my master bedroom for the 3 years that we have lived here. This summer I painted the room and bought new furniture, but I haven’t hung a single thing on the walls! This is unacceptable! Of course I waited until 5 days before my due date to start this project, but amongst my boasts about my relentless ambition, I’ve never claimed to be wise. In reality, I am extremely buggy waiting for the baby to arrive and this project is a great distraction.

What I Need: 

  • 1x4x8 common board
  • (3) Mending plate sets – each comes with 4 mending plates and 8 small screws
  • (3) Sawtooth hangers for hanging the arrows when they’re finished
  • Tape Measure
  • Pencil
  • Mitre Saw
  • Drill
  • Square
  • Sander
  • Wood Stain + Brush + Rag

Who is Helping Me: My son. He loves “projects” and he was more than willing to sit alongside me and steal all my tools, draw on my board, put small screws in his mouth and pretend to do his own important project. He also helped me see that the arrows are perfect for hopping on:


He was not injured hopping on the arrows with bare feet.

Who is NOT Helping Me: The mending plates. I have never worked with them before and I found them to be pretty finicky. It was probably my technique, but I was expecting them to help pull the boards close together, but it actually took a lot of effort and a few re-dos to make the boards fit super snug together.

How I Did It:

  1. I bought the supplies I needed from Home Depot.
  2. Since I bought an 8ft board and I knew I needed to make 12 cuts, I measured and marked 7.5inch marks along the length of the 8ft board.
  3. I used the square to make my 45 degree angle cut lines.
  4. I cut the 45 degree angle cuts with MHH’s mitre saw – so easy!
  5. I fit the segments together to make the arrow shape and when I got the boards the way I liked them, I used the mending plates to hold the design together.PreStain.jpg
  6. Using an electric sander, I sanded each arrowhead to smooth the surfaces and to even the edges.
  7. Using some random stain we had lying around, I stained the arrowheads and let them dry.Stained.jpgOnePanelStained.jpg
  8. Once they dried, I attached the sawtooth mounting hardware and hung them on the wall in my bedroom.


Would I Do It Again?/Final Thoughts:  This was a very easy project to sneak into the week! The simple cuts and even simpler construction made it nearly foolproof for me. I like the way they look on the wall, but I am not 100% convinced I hung them straight and even. This uncertainty will definitely cause random 10 minute OCD freak out moments in which I will obsessively measure and straighten and adjust until I think it’s “just right” only to repeat the same behaviors days or weeks later when the arrows catch my eye a certain way. However, it does feel good to finally have something on the wall and to have another project finished before the baby comes.





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