Folding a Fitted Sheet

The Challenge: To figure out how to fold a fitted sheet properly.

My Inspiration: My mom organized her linen closet last week and lamented that she did not know how to fold a fitted sheet. I realized that I also had the same deficiency and she recommended I overcome my inability by learning this skill for my blog. In turn, I hope she watches my instructional video and can learn the skill herself.

My usual approach to fitted sheets has been to instantly ball them up after taking them out of the dryer and then shoving them into a corner of a closet. Whenever I’d organize my linen closet, I’d have beautifully folded towels, pillow shams and flat sheets and then a random, messy mound of fitted sheets. Why was I settling for this? Why haven’t I taken the time to just figure it out? The answer: I’m kinda lazy and didn’t care that much… but now I’m grabbing the bull by the horns and finally learning how to fold a fitted sheet!

What I Need:  

  • Someone to show me how to do it
  • A fitted sheet
  • A rolling camera to capture the success

Who is Helping Me:  As per usual, I ran right to YouTube to find an instructional video. Also as per usual, I didn’t use just one video to teach me. I searched “How to Fold a Fitted Sheet” and watched several videos until I got the idea and then decided to simplify the process in my own way.

I taught myself how to master this skill with a baby crib sheet. Because they are so adorably small, it was super easy to figure out all the right moves without feeling like I am simultaneously tangling myself in a web of sheets. Tangled and desperately drowning in sheets is exactly how I felt the first time I tried to fold a queen sized sheet.

Who is NOT Helping Me: In the video below, you’ll see I am growing increasingly pregnant and increasingly disinterested in trying to look like a respectable human being. You will see me in my “uniform”: Black pants and an ill-fitting cotton shirt, hair in a pony and makeup from yesterday. Feel free to judge me. I deserve it. I could have tried harder and I did not.

How I Did It: I made a video to demonstrate my method. In order to simplify the explanation a little bit, I identified the corners of the sheet by number. This worked very well for my brain, but it may not work well for others. I may have inadvertently overcomplicated the process, but I’ll let you be the judge!

Would I Do it Again?: Yes! Once I committed to learning the skill, it took about 5 practice attempts to master it. Difficulty arose only when I tried to figure out how I’d teach someone else to do it. That’s why I decided to make a video and number the corners. I’ve read through some written step-by-step guides online and they just don’t suffice. Someone has to show you how to do this skill and I hope I can be that someone for you.

Now to find the energy to organize my linen closet…



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