12 Beers of Christmas

The Challenge: To make a 12 beers of Christmas gift for my craft beer loving husband.

My Inspiration: I have a craft beer loving husband who also happens to love seasonal beers. Whenever a new season rolls around, he gets positively giddy about all the special beers that each season of the year offers. I’ve noticed that Christmastime seems to be one of the most popular times for microbreweries to release a special beer, but because of the length of the season, my husband doesn’t usually have enough time to try them all if he’s buying 6-packs each time. I’m also facing a bit of a challenge because he’s kind of a beer snob so he doesn’t want to drink just any ol’ beer with a festive label slapped on it. So, with the 12 days of Christmas song as my inspiration, I headed down to our local craft beer store and bought him 12 (err.. actually 13 because one seemed really cool..) wintertime/Christmas beers with the help of an actual beer expert. Starting December 12th (because I actually bought 13 beers) he can drink one new beer a day. The countdown will end on Christmas eve just like my son’s Advent calendar.

What I Need: 

  • 12 Beers
  • A box
  • Wrapping Paper
  • Printed Labels (I just made them myself and printed them on colored paper)
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Poly Ribbon (ya know, that ribbon you can curl with your scissors)
Here are the beers I chose! Not pictured is the cool extra one, sorry. 

Screen Shot 2016-12-08 at 3.56.03 PM.png
I made my own printed labels. They are dorky, but they work.

Who is Helping Me:  The guy at the beer store – The Malt Shoppe in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. I don’t drink beer (I’m gluten free and also sober due to pregnancy) so I have no idea if these beers are good. The guy at the store helped me figure out if these beers would be acceptable and if the flavors fit my husband’s palette preferences.

Who is NOT Helping Me: My son, who in trying to “help”, ripped several of the bottles once they were wrapped.

How I Did It:

  1. I bought the beers and asked for a big box with dividers to put them in.
  2. I made the number labels and sloppily designed the sign with the “12 days of Christmas rhyme on it.

    If you sing it like the song, it will make more sense.
  3. I wrapped each bottle and affixed them with labels and some ribbon.
  4. I wrapped the box and affixed the rhyme sign.
  5. I took photos and promptly kept it out of the reach of children.

Final Product:


Thoughts/Would I Do It Again?: I already told my husband about it and he is super pumped. I think it will be something fun for him to look forward to each day and I can’t wait to see what he thinks of each beer. Some of them seem really tasty and interesting!

The only thing I would do differently is to modify my wrapping technique. I kinda wrapped them all differently (maybe because I am getting cocky with all my “Wrapt” projects) and some of them came out kinda crappy. All the ones wrapped with the flimsier green paper look like crap. The red plaid paper was awesome. 10/10 would recommend the red plaid paper from Dollar Tree.



One comment

  1. Ha! I love the fact that a former teetotaler mom raised a craft-beer-loving-snob son! Such a sweet and thoughtful gift from a “Crafty” and loving wife…you did great job!


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