Wrapt: Week 3.. Box in a Box and a Bow

This week my goal was to make a gift box from an old cereal box and to make the “perfect” bow. As per usual, the results were mixed.

Let’s first examine the gift box from a cereal box endeavor.

Gift Box from a Cereal Box

As I have done in the past, I will not name the blog that I followed in order to protect the innocent.

Here’s what I needed:

  • An empty cereal box
  • Scissors
  • Different kinds of tape  (the blog’s directions said to use hot glue.. but I don’t think this is where I went wrong. Truth be told, I legitimately could not find my glue gun)


I followed the directions on very precisely, including every time the writer said:


I feel I excel at imprecision, so this free-wheeling “who cares about measuring!” instructions felt perfect for me.

Well…. it turns out you DO have to cut and fold exactly because pictured below is me holding together what the writer said should be my box. I hadn’t taped it into place yet, but I knew something was awry.


I made some adjustments, a few additional cuts and taped everything down.  This is what I came up with:


I wasn’t satisfied. I ran to my pantry, ripped out the inner bag of cereal and procured a new box. I realized right away that the new box I grabbed was significantly smaller than the first one… maybe that was the issue? I tried to make the gift box again, but instead of following the blog’s instructions precisely, I decided I would do whatever it takes to make the box look awesome, even if that meant abandoning the original instructions.. so here’s how that turned out:


The pictures don’t really capture it, but the second box is actually *much* better than the first one. However, I have to say that it still looks and feels like a cut up, re-shapen cereal box. It’s pretty flimsy and unattractive. If you are really into re-purposing stuff and you’re not trying to impress the gift recipient, this is a valid option for you. If you’re also looking to make an inexpensive coffin for an action figure or smallish Barbie, please consider this box design.

The “Perfect Bow”

I followed a 1 minute 11 second YouTube video that promised to show me how to tie the *perfect* bow. It took me 18 minutes 32 seconds to get it right, but the video was not the issue. The real problem is: I am a cheapskate. I bought my ribbon at the dollar store and learned that ribbon may be one of those premium items you buy at a craft store only. The red ribbon I used at first frayed miserably. See below.


After delicately starting over with the green dollar store ribbon I bought, I tied the perfect bow and spruced up the Barbie coffin quite considerably!


Just a word of advice.. don’t buy ribbon that has designs on one side if you’re just trying to tie a bow. It would have been a little easier if the ribbon looked the same on both sides.

Well, the thrills just keep coming with this Wrapt experiment. I know all of you are sitting on the edge of your seat for next week. I’ll be making a newspaper bow and attempting a gift bag from wrapping paper.


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