Wrapt: 1 thing.. 1 month?

I’ve always known that this blog would be a place where I would proudly document my failures for all the world to see. Up until this point and aside from the “Sew Disastrous” post, I’ve actually been quite proud of myself and unashamed to share my weekly adventures. And frankly, I think I’ve shocked myself and my loyal 3 readers with all my successes.

However, this week took a turn when I realized I bit off more than I could chew with my ambitious weekly challenge. My goal was to tackle 5 different gift wrapping techniques and 3 different homemade gift bow crafts. When I started filming myself practicing the first 2 techniques, I realized how naively ambitious I had become. I was too busy basking in my previous week’s effortless success to notice that 8 different challenges in 1 week was just plain dumb.

So here’s my solution: I will take on 2 gift wrapping challenges every week until Christmas in addition to pursuing other 1 Thing/1 Week challenges. This still sounds ambitious, but it’s certainly more realistic for me.

This week I am practicing the standard gift wrap technique and the Japanese gift wrap technique.. so here we go!

The Challenge: To finally conquer my fears and learn how to wrap a gift properly and not like a monkey wearing boxing gloves trying to wrap a gift*.

*I know this isn’t a thing. Beyond hyperbole, it’s truly how I feel when I am wrapping a gift.

My Inspiration: My mom recommended I try this. She has been a recipient of many, many poorly wrapped gifts from me and I think she realized that she finally had the perfect opportunity to gently remind me that it’s quite shameful that I can’t wrap a simple gift properly. She is also quite amused by this blog and I think she wanted another good laugh knowing that I’d most likely mess this one up pretty severely.

I am being completely honest when I say that my lack of skills in wrapping gifts is not for lack of trying. I have been given ample opportunities to learn, to grow and to improve but this is just one of those things I’ve come to embrace as a deep flaw. My name is Lindsay and I am unable to wrap a gift. Lord help me accept the things I cannot change. 

I have learned from my previous weeks that I can happily surprise myself when I am under the pressure of producing good results for a public blog. So I figure: why not see if I can finally break the curse of wrapping presents in a way that makes it seem like I’ve never seen, let alone used scissors and tape before?

What I Need: 

Supplies copy.jpg

I also need more professional lighting rigs. I am borrowing one of my Dad’s photography lights and using a DIY light I crafted from some internet plans. However, they were insufficient for lighting a dark basement.

Who is Helping Me: My Dad let me borrow a light. I found my old Flip Camera (yep, I still have it!) and used that as a 2nd camera in order to really make it seem like I know what I’m doing with video-making.

Also, many, many YouTubers should be thanked for being brave enough to post videos of themselves wrapping presents to instruct dum-dums like me. In this endeavor I followed 3 specific YouTube videos, but I have decided to omit the links to them to protect the innocent. None of these poor people would want to be associated with this.

Who is NOT Helping Me: It’s more like “WHAT” is not helping me. In this case, it’s Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. No matter when you read this, you can be assured that I am somewhere in this world shaking out my hands like Taylor.


This joke may be a little inside, but my fellow CTS sufferers will get it.

How I Did It: I made another video! I’ve named this project and this video “Wrapt” because it’s actually a legitimate way to use the past tense of “wrap”. I searched the word “wrapt” just to make sure it’s a real word and Google threw some nasty shade. I feel by including this infographic they are reminding me that I am an old lady and would have been very popular in the 1800s.

Screen Shot 2016-11-19 at 3.36.08 PM.png

Here’s the video:

Final Thoughts/Would I do it again?: Despite how it seems, I actually think I have grown in my standard gift wrapping ability. I gleaned a lot of helpful tips from YouTube and I am excited to have the holidays coming up to practice more.

Now this Japanese wrapping thing… I was positively idiotic for thinking I could do it. It appealed to me with its promises of being “quick” and a “hack” for gift wrapping, but it was neither. I’m starting to become very skeptical of this word “hack”. It seems to be thrown around left and right to describe techniques that aren’t really any more beneficial or helpful than just doing it the old fashioned way. Look, even Google agrees this troublesome word is on the rise:

Screen Shot 2016-11-19 at 3.46.53 PM.png

It is worth noting that the 1800s experienced a similar resurgence of the word “hack”. Yeah okay, “hack” apparently has many definitions (one of which is related to riding a horse.. who knew?) but I’d like to think people in the 1800s were saying things like: “Hello Old Chap, I discovered a hack for keeping my baby wrapt in his swaddling clothes at night” and the Old Chap hearing this advice would roll his eyes as dramatically as I do every time BuzzFeed posts yet another worthless list of “hacks”.


Okay, I am getting a little out of control… but seriously.. can we stop calling things “hacks”? Please visit my post about Eyeliner hacks to see that none of them were actually helpful to me. Let’s all take a stand and just say there probably is only one right way to do most things and stop tricking each other into thinking otherwise. I admit that I may be a excessively bitter about how terribly the Japanese “hack” went.



  1. Minus the Japanese technique, I think you were starting to get the hang of things! I thought of you while wrapping some baby gifts last night; excited to see what you try next 🙂


  2. First ever to watch – you are amazing, Linds! Please do a week on how you develop creativity – I would so watch that! 🙂 Keep this up – I love seeing your personality come through! Your #4 Fan!!


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