Festive Fall Centerpiece



The Challenge: To make a pretty, non-embarrassing, festive Fall centerpiece for my sister. She’s hosting Thanksgiving this year and I thought it’d be nice to give her something to say “thanks”. I suppose there’s no better time to say “thanks” than “Thanksgiving”.

My Inspiration: I searched for “Fall Centerpieces” on the internet and my design is perhaps an amalgam of things I’ve seen. But unlike other 1thing/1week projects, I completely envisioned, designed and executed this all by myself. No other blogs to copy and I swear I didn’t consult anyone for advice!

What I Thought I Needed:

What I Need.jpg

What I Also Needed (unexpectedly):

  • Mini Saw Thing
  • Box Cutter
  • Pumpkin Carving Tools
  • Vacuum – to pick up the crazy amounts of tiny foam pieces I created
  • Pencil

Who is Helping Me: Nobody. Like I said, this is ALL ME!

Who is NOT Helping Me: Myself? Once you watch the “How I Did It” video you’ll see that I made a few mistakes along the way.

Also, I bought some fabric to lay down as a nice backdrop for my video and it kept moving and shifting and wrinkling and it drove me kinda nuts.

How Much It Cost: With some great sales at Hobby Lobby, I’m estimating it cost $45 for all the materials. This may seem like a lot, but I checked 1800Flowers and their Thanksgiving centerpieces average $59.99+ and they will all wither and die. My beautiful creation will hopefully continue to collect dust in  my sister’s basement for decades to come!

How I Did It:

I made a video this week! Enjoy!

Final Product:

I’m pretty stinkin’ proud of this thing. It’s a little large, but I think it’s fabulous.



  1. I loved the video; you are really getting fancy with this blog! I love how you managed to make me laugh several times in the video even without talking. Your hand-gestures said it all 😀 Love the beautiful centerpiece – I think you really have a knack for flower-arranging!


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