Eyeliner Wing Week- Thursday

For my last day of deep diving into winged eyeliner, I am going to try some of the “hacks” various beauty websites prescribe for achieving the perfect wing.

The Spoon Trick

One of Cosmopolitan Magazine’s Genius” hacks for achieving the wing is to use a spoon. You use the handle of the spoon to create the straight part of the wing and the rounded part of the spoon to create the perfect cat eye effect.

The Goal:

Kathleen Kamphausen, Cosmopolitan

The Reality:spoon1
This hack did not work for me. I’m barely coordinated enough to draw the line normally, let alone while holding a spoon to my face. Also, I don’t have a fine enough tip on my eyeliner to really get in there and make super thin lines. I’d have to go buy a new set of thinner spoons and a new eyeliner marker to possibly master this “hack”

The Verdict: No thanks.

Connect the Dots

BuzzFeed recommends using the “connect the dots” technique for perfecting the eyelid line. I didn’t know BuzzFeed was an authority on eyeliner, but I certainly hope I can become the #5 meme on their inevitable future list: “10 People Who Suck at Eyeliner- Number 5 will Shock You!”.

The Goal:

Credit: makeuptrends.maybelline.com

The Reality:


Making nice, even dots was a bit of a challenge, but the line turned out fine. The variable size of my dots made an imprecise line, but it wasn’t super obvious.

The Verdict: Meh.. I didn’t see the value of this technique. The dots were actually kinda distracting. It’s probably just easier to draw the line freehand.

Messy to Clean

Another hack I found recommends letting loose and doing your line to the best of your ability and then relying upon your clean-up skills with a Q-tip and some petroleum jelly.

The Goal:

Kathleen Kamphausen, Elle.com

The Reality:beforeafter.jpg

This seems like a great idea, but I had a very hard time controlling my q-tip. I ended up shaving off half of my line and I felt like I needed to apply more liner, thus defeating the purpose of the whole endeavor. I also don’t know how this method works with the universally accepted beauty rule of needing to apply your eyeshadow BEFORE your liner. I’d end up botching both my liner and my eyeshadow and would spend extra time fixing it all.

The Verdict: I think its a great idea to use this hack if you are comfortable applying your eyeshadow after the liner and you’re okay with the concept of possibly needing to start over if you take too much off with the Q-tip.

Line and Curl

This hack claims that you can put eyeliner on the back your eyelash curler and simultaneously line your eye while you curl.

The Goal:


The Reality:curler.jpg


This hack had me cracking up. I knew there was no way I’d make this work. Maybe I should have used pencil instead of liquid liner, but either way… this was never going to work. I have naturally kinda sunken in eyes and can barely curl my eyelashes. Glopping some liner on my curler was an inevitable disaster.

The Verdict: Hilariously bad. I’d rather use the time it took to glop eyeliner on my curler to try my hand at putting eyeliner directly on my eye.


As this week progressed, I definitely felt like I grew in my confidence the more I practiced. I probably should have tried these hacks at the beginning of the week, but I’m glad I didn’t. I don’t feel like I need special tricks to nail the wing. I just need a steady hand, lots of extra time to reduce the pressure and a few Q-tips just in case things get out of hand.

I’m thankfully saying goodbye to practicing the winged eyeliner technique for the week (my eyes need a break!) and I’ll be doing a special food related post tomorrow evening!




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