Eyeliner Wing Week – Wednesday

Tonight I’m meeting a friend in Chicago and I made the bold choice to debut my winged eyeliner look. Yes, I’ve only been practicing it for 3 days, but what do I have to lose? I’ve already lost all my dignity by taking really close-up selfies on the Metra, who cares if the wing isn’t perfect?

Going public means I actually have to wear eyeshadow and this upped the pressure immensely. I forbade myself Q-tips and redos. I was gonna nail it in one try and if I didn’t, I’d start over and go back to my plain ol’ eyeliner application and save my debut for another fateful day.

Confession: I’ve never practiced doing a wing on both eyes. I’ve only just practiced on one eye. Today was my first time doing both eyes. Haven’t I mentioned elsewhere that I have a tremendous amount of naive ambition?

How Did it Go?: Shockingly well! It took me a lot longer than I expected to complete my whole face and the delay meant that I arrived at the train station with 15 seconds to spare. Luckily I made it and I happened to look really chic while I was sprinting to beat the closing train doors.

Oof.. Ignore the sunglasses marks and the unflattering angle! I never know what to do with my eyeballs- look up? Down? I always end up looking like a weirdo.

Where am I looking here? No idea.. But I look upset and/or about to fall asleep. I apologize.

I promise I will try the eyeliner hacks that I mentioned yesterday!


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