Eyeliner Wing Week – Tuesday

I said that I would try to use a card to create a straight line, but after talking with my sister I decided to use tape. I used the tape for a few attempts and then did a few freehand. Here are my tips/tricks/thoughts:

Reflections on Today’s Attempts:

  • The tape helped me visualize where a line should be, but I think I was too heavy handed because the liner just bled under the tape. The tape helped provide today’s “worst” attempt.tapebefore This was as severe as I could angle the tape. If I angled it anymore, I was taping my eye open. If I had used a card instead of the tape, I think my fear of a corneal abrasion would have become a reality. Worst.jpgThis is even after trying to clean it up with a Q-tip.
  • I’m starting to realize that maintaining the perfect balance of liner on the tip is key. Too much liner and I’d have bleeding and running and if I had too little liner it would feel like I was using a mechanical pencil to draw my line.
  • I really need to find makeup removing cloths that don’t sting so much!
  • I can’t use my old habit of stretching my eyelid out while applying the liner. When I stretch my eyelid, I lose my perspective on how thick the line is and things start looking messy. FullSizeRender-1.jpgIf I didn’t look cross-eyed, I would have used this as my “worst” pic.
  • Referencing a picture right before I start my attempt really helps. I think if I can visualize perfection before I try, I get closer to achieving it. <— I should stitch this last sentence on a pillow… super deep. Best.jpgHere’s my best attempt today. You can see that I started getting lazy in removing the old attempt’s remnants.

Tomorrow I will try using dots as a guide and trying pencil first before using the liquid.



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