Eyeliner Wing Week – Monday

The Challenge: This week begins with research. YouTube tutorials will be my guide. I’m starting with beginner videos because I have never done a wing before and I have no idea where to start. I’ve seen so many chic ladies wearing the eyeliner wing and I’ve been dying to try it. My makeup skills are on par with my woodworking skills… so we’ll see how this week goes!

Side note: I am SHOCKED at how many make-up tutorials are on YouTube. I literally have no excuse for how crappy my makeup normally looks. If only I started watching these videos years ago!

My Inspiration:

What I Need: Before I go out and buy new stuff, I’m going to try the wing with what I already have.IMG_7855.JPG

My Palladio black eyeliner has a felt-tip and seems like my best shot at achieving the wing.

How I Did It: After watching the YouTube videos several times, I removed the make-up I already had on and tried putting their tips to use. Here was my first attempt (which also happened to be my best attempt)


It was okay.. but it certainly wasn’t perfect. I wanted the wing to be more pointy and the line along my lid to be thicker. I tried a few more times and had minimal success. I stopped when my eyes could no longer handle the burning/stinging from my makeup removing cloths and when I was almost certain I had a corneal abrasion from a Q-tip.

Here’s my worst attempt:


Too thick, kinda blurry, not very pointy.

I have heard that using a card to trace along can help create a better line. I will try that tomorrow. Good thing I gave myself a whole week!


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