October Week by Week

This is a stock photo I found for free. If I took a photo of what I really looked like writing this blog you’d wonder why my pants were unbuttoned and how I could type with my fingers so covered in Cheetos dust. Did I mention I was pregnant?

October 1st will be the beginning of my crazy quest to accomplish something new and challenging every week. 

This month you can look forward to:

October 1st-8th: I will be constructing a DIY Toy Shelf following the free online plans from Ana White. Lucas will be moving into a big boy room soon and he needs some storage for his mountains of toys.

October 8th-15th: I am terrified to tackle the beauty skill that’s been all the rage and seems so effortless for every fashionista, make-up loving girl: the eyeliner wing. I’ll be watching YouTube Tutorials to educate myself. I’m no stranger to YouTube make-up tutorials and you can expect me to try my hand at many more beauty skills in the future.


October 15th-22nd: I will craft a No-Sew Elmo costume for Lucas for Halloween. The words “no sew” are music to my ears as I neither have a sewing machine nor can I sew. I will be following the plans from a website called Moms & Crafters. It remains to be seen if I am worthy of a membership to their crafty moms club.

October 22nd-31st: I will be getting my 20 week Ultrasound this week and finding out the gender of our 2nd baby. This week I will plan a Halloween themed gender reveal and mini-party. It will be a surprise for our family so I won’t share the exact details just yet. I call the anxiety I have over this event called “Pinterest Pressure”. It’s the form of anxiety one gets from looking at Pinterest and realizing you could never come up with anything as cute or creative as the posts on Pinterest, but because Pinterest exists one cannot simply write the baby’s gender on a pumpkin or dye the batter of a cake and expect people to be impressed because they’ve seen that before and it was cute of you to try.

Stay Tuned!



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